QUALITY TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS SERVICE We pride ourselves on our unmatched level of service and on the quality of our employees. No-one outworks or out performs East West Express because we believe that relationships move loads and we use JPT transport for all our deliveries Great reliable service We are the east-west freight forwarding specialists and use JPT Transport for all deliveries. The team at East West Express invite you to contact them to discuss all your freight & logistics needs. We pride ourselves in creating solutions for our clients & we’re always looking to surprise & please them.


East West Express is a nationally recognised supplier of premium transport and logistics services, specialising in the east-west transportation of general freight services (palletised and loose), crated and un-crated machinery, car transport, specialised double drop high cube trailers express service packaged and bulk dangerous goods.


Track & Trace

Rates are from door to door, any additional deliveries outside of 100 km radius will attract a surcharge of $15 per pallet.
Rates calculated on standard 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.2m = 1.728m3 – based on 1,000 kg weight included pallet.
Volume rates can be negotiated.

: All standard delivery rates, fees & Charges exclude GST
Current Fuel Levy: 1/05/2017 – 8.78% – (Reviewed Monthly – subject to change)
Trading Terms: 14 days from collection date