Your Guide for Moving a Bike Interstate

Movers for interstate bike transportWhen it is about moving your bike interstate, the first and the foremost thing to do is to prepare your bike properly. This will not only maximise the safety of your bike, but it will also help you be prepared in case of any insurance claims.

So, how can you prepare your bike for interstate transport? Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you in ensuring that you have a safe and secured process of moving your bike interstate. Let’s begin with some tips on how you should make your bike ready for transport.

Tips For Making Your Bike Ready For Transport

  • Give a thorough wash to your bike. This will make it easier for you to mark all the scratches and dents (if any). Additionally, if you are transporting your bike to places like Western Australia and Tasmania, washing your bike is legally required by the Transport Authorities to clean the bike before the transport.
  • The second step involves taking the pictures of the bike while making a note of any damage.
  • If your bike faces any mechanical issues, make sure to list them out.
  • Lower the electric windscreen and fold in the mirrors.
  • Disable the alarm system.
  • It is not necessary to remove the fluid, but make sure that it doesn’t leak. It is advisable to not have a full tank when you are transporting the bike.
  • The tyres need to be inflated and they can be rolled up easily so that the drivers can safely load it onto the truck
  • Remove all your personal items as they are not covered by the insurance. The other reason for removing them is that they can cause scratches or damage to your bike during the transport.

The above-mentioned tips are just to ensure that your bike remains safe while in transit. Now, if you think that these guidelines are enough for you to arrange for transport on your own – hang on!

This is just the basic precaution list that you should take for your bike security. There is altogether another set of requirements that you need to fulfil. That is why; choosing professional motorbike movers for interstate bike transport is recommended.

There are different reasons for using a professional bike transport service. Let’s find out some of the lucrative ones!

Reasons to Consider While Hiring a Professional Bike Transport Company

  1. Locations – The professional transport company has a strong logistics network and can reach more places around Australia than anyone.
  2. Safety – Each and every motorbike is secured individually with all the required care during the transit.
  3. Storage – The transport company also offers secure storage if required.
  4. Customer Service – The professionals provide a seamless and personalised transport service.
  5. Rules and Regulations – You may not be acquainted with all the legalities involved with the interstate transport service. But this is not the case with the transport companies. They are well versed with the rules and work as per the set guidelines by the state.
  6. Advice – The professionals are experienced and expert at transporting the vehicles interstate, hence they can advise you properly with the things that will ensure you a safe bike transit.

What Else Should You Consider for Your Interstate Bike Transport?

It is true that with a professional bike transport company like East West Express Freight at your assistance, you won’t have to worry when you are moving your bike interstate. But the bike being your prized possession, it becomes essential for you to know the factors that can affect the transportation process.

Before anything else, you need to be sure that the company you have picked for your bike transport is reliable. So, in the case when you are totally new to the whole interstate transport industry, the best option is to explore and research extensively through the reviews, ratings and experiences shared by the previous clients. This will give you an idea about the transport company and will further help you to make an informed decision.

Another aspect that you need to research is the price. Different companies have different pricing as per the services offered by them. So, make sure to check each one in order to get the best deal possible.

The third thing is to confirm that the professional company should keep updating you with the transport status. Moreover, they must also give you a timeline that when you will get your bike. The average time of the transport is between 2 to 3 weeks. Though, this may differ according to the distance to be covered. If they cross the timeline given by them, you should immediately get in touch with the concerned authority to know the reason for the same. Generally, reliable companies tend to deliver your bike on time without any delay.

Last but not the least; you should know where your bike is going to be delivered. Discuss with your transport company beforehand that where exactly you want your bike to be delivered.

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The whole process of interstate bike transport is smooth and easy where you can get your bike transported between states or cities, without any complications. All you need is the right company to assist you with this process. East West Express Freight is one such company that you can count on for your interstate bike transport.

Our efficient and experienced team, who is known to be one of Australia’s premier bike transporters, has a record of successfully delivering bikes to desired locations that too within the committed time frame. With the latest tools and equipment, we guarantee the utmost security of your bike during the interstate transport process.

If you want to know more about our services or want to request a quote for your bike, feel free to contact our friendly team on 1300 644 397.

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