Your Guide For Moving A Car Interstate

Your Guide For Moving A Car InterstateIf you are planning to move interstate, choosing a reliable auto transport company for transporting your car can be the easiest option. While there can be a number of questions and unexpected challenges that might pop up during this process, make sure that moving your car isn’t one of them.

Take your time to research about various freight and car transport companies to ensure that your car transport from Perth to Melbourne or any other interstate is a smooth transition. The right transport companies in Melbourne will make the entire process an easy one. But, this does not mean that your job is done once you hire an express transport company. It is important that you follow a few guidelines and stay up-to-date to have a smooth transfer.

  • Prepare For Inspection

Give your car a thorough wash and evaluate the scratches or any dents for your own records. If your car is damaged from anywhere, make sure that you take pictures of it and discuss it with your service provider. They will give special attention and carry their own inspections. This is to ensure that the survey reports indicate the right condition of your car prior to shipment. Also, add all your car complications in the written documentation and make sure that no information is missed prior to shipping.

  • Check The Agreements and Licenses

When you go for a car transport Perth to Adelaide or Melbourne to Adelaide or any other interstate car transport, you need to make sure that your license is also transferred. As the rules vary interstate, ensure that you apply for the formalities within 90 days of your arrival. This is the general time limit in Australia, but make sure you do it prior to avoid fines and penalties.

  • Do A Through Check

Before you hand over your car to a transport company make sure that you check for everything in your car, from the roof racks to the car’s bumpers bar. This will avoid delays in the inspection process at the freight company and ensure that your car reaches your destination in good condition.

  • Fix Mechanical Issues

When you deposit your car at the freight depot for car transport from Adelaide to Melbourne or Perth, it is your duty to ensure that the car is in a functional condition. So, you need to get any mechanical issues sorted prior to the shipment. This will be enough to ensure that your shipment process is a smooth one and goes without any hurdles.

  • Refill Car’s Tyres

Check your car tyres and ensure they are at the recommended pressure levels. Don’t ship a car with punctures or a missing spare tyre. This is an important check before dropping your car to any transport company in Melbourne.

  • Have Minimal Petrol and Boost Your Battery

Most of the transportation companies in Melbourne will ask you to leave the minimum petrol in your car. It reduces the unnecessary weight of the car and can make the transportation a lot easier. Also, make sure that the battery of your car is fully charged before leaving it with the transport company.

  • Remove All Personal Belongings

Make sure that you remove all your belongings and valuables from your car because if anything goes missing, it won’t be covered within your transport warranty.

Moving interstate can be a tedious task. With so many things to process, you should opt for a reliable transport company to avoid any last-minute hassles. At East West Express Freight, you can be assured that we will take complete care of your car interstate transport.

We offer car transport from Melbourne to Adelaide and Perth and we also do car transport from Adelaide to Melbourne and Perth. We are a nationally recognised company and we can handle all your freight and express transport needs. Get in touch with us today and book your car transport service. Give us a call on 1300 644 397.

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