East West Express Freight – Best Choice for Interstate Freight Transport

Interstate Freight Transport
Whether you are a business owner looking for a seamless delivery of goods or an individual who wants to transport a bike or car interstate – choosing a reliable interstate freight transport company is an important decision. They will ensure your goods are safely transported to your desired destination.

If you are looking for the best transportation and logistics company in Melbourne, then East West Express Freight a great choice. We are a nationally recognised quality transport and logistics services, including express line-haul services to customers along the east-west corridor of Australia.

You Can Trust Us for Quality Interstate Transport Services

Having more than 15 years of experience in the transport industry, we aim to provide accurate planning, strategies and ongoing tracking. That’s how we fulfil your interstate freight needs efficiently.

With us, you can transport any delicate, valuable or even dangerous goods across Australia. We are the experts in handling and transporting goods, including:

  • General Freight

Whether you require transporting single parcel or heavy loaded goods, we are your freight partner fulfilling all your freight transportation needs. Using the drop-deck and double-drop mezzanine tautliner trailers, we offer the largest freight volume capacity transportation.

  • Crated and Un-crated Machinery

From overweight industrial machinery to high-value operations equipment, we ensure secure handling and transportation of your crated and un-crated machinery. You can rely on us for fast and trouble-free transportation of machinery.

  • Dangerous Goods

If you need to transport flammable liquids, gases, chemicals, fuel or corrosive substances, then we here to help you, providing the efficient handling and delivery of dangerous goods within Australia. Apart from transportation, we also provide storage, packing, labelling, customs clearance, documentation for dangerous goods.

  • Vehicle Transport

To transport a car, bike or any other type of vehicle – you need the right experience and expertise. Being the most renowned and recommended name for transporting all types of vehicles, we offer interstate transportation with our well-maintained trailers.

What Makes Us Different From Other Freight Transport Companies?                  

  • Proven Industry Proficiency

We have an experienced and well-informed team of professionals to help you transport your freight in the most efficient way. Also, they will advise you how to sort your freight options and will help you decide on an ideal solution for your shipping requirements.

  • Versatile Transportation Solutions

Today’s business scenario needs transportation solutions that are both flexible and resourceful. At  East West Express Freight, we provide flexible logistics and freight solutions for all your simple or complex transport requirements.

  • Affordable Price

We are a nationally recognised and independent freight forwarder. That’s why we provide you with the best transport services at an affordable rate. Our aim is to choose the best and most cost-effective route(s) for your shipment.

  • Satisfactory Customer Service

Meeting and exceeding the requirements of customers is our first priority. It begins by providing a great customer service. We listen and understand the changing needs of our customers and satisfy them in a professional manner.

  • Secure Transport Service

The security of your goods is our first priority. Using satellite-tracked techniques for all our well-maintained fleet of trailers and movers, we monitor driver’s performance and ensure the safety of your goods.

Let Us Help in Transporting your Goods Without Any Delay!

Transportation of goods from one place should be safe. By choosing the best interstate transport service you can ensure the best delivery options for your goods without any damage.

East West Express Freight removes the burden and hassle of transporting your goods. We are also NHVAS and WAHVA Fatigue, mass and maintenance accredited company.

Our Promise:

  • Professional drivers
  • GPS satellite navigation system
  • On time delivery of goods
  • A well-maintained fleet of vehicles

Now you don’t have to worry about the security of your goods. We have our own fleet of Volvo FH16 Globetrotter Prime Movers and trailers in B-Double or Triple combinations. With our fleet, we will ensure the fastest and harmless delivery of your goods. Also, we can offer both –  one-time service or an ongoing contractual service.

Book Your Next Transportation With Us!

Your search for the best and long-term transport and logistics provider for east-west transport ends here at East West Express Freight!

To discuss your next freight transport needs, contact us on 1300 644 397. Our friendly team of experts are here to help you with all your transport needs.

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