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East West Express is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for our personnel in our offices, workshops and workplaces. especially the vehicles. East West Express believes all work related injuries and property losses are preventable, and that safety is good business. East West Express also believes that there is no more important factor in the undertaking of anyone’s job than the prevention of injury or ill health to any people in our workplaces, or workplaces visited by our personnel.

To achieve a safe and healthy working environment within East West Express, the commitment and cooperation of our personnel and visitors is essential.

No task is so important as to compromise health and safety. Appropriate consideration must be given to determining a safe and healthy work method for each and every activity.


To ensure we maintain a level of service that exceeds our clients’ expectations, East West Express set the following standards for all our drivers, who are all licensed, accredited and experienced professionals.

  • All are required to undergo training programs, designed so that the drivers have the appropriate education, training and experience to perform their designated tasks.
  • All are trained and regularly updated with regards to occupational health and safety issues.
  • All loads must be adequately secured and protected in accordance with National Load Restraint Guidelines.
  • All vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking to ascertain the whereabouts of a load and enabling redirection, if necessary.
  • The professional drivers assist us by informing us of any issues encountered. We ensure all our vehicles are maintained in accordance with scheduled programs so that they are in A1 roadworthy condition and perform reliably.

We have entrenched the above standards in our ‘Driver Standards’ that are executed by all company-employed drivers and permanent sub-contractors.

Because of ongoing work and their desire to be a part of a professional firm, driver turnover at East West Express is low with a 3-year average employment of drivers.

At East West Express, we place a very high priority on the interests and welfare of our drivers.


East West Express has a ZERO tolerance policy regarding the use of alcohol or prohibited drugs whilst driving, in charge of, or operating any motor vehicle or equipment owned or operated by East West Express.


East West Express supports a fatigue management framework designed to ensure employees are fit for duty at all times. This framework provides adequate opportunity for recovery sleep between work shifts to ensure employee performance is not impaired by fatigue.

Heavy Vehicle driver fatigue laws are consistent with current obligations under Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws that also require employers and employees to take reasonable steps to manage driver fatigue. The reform changes the focus from regulating hours to managing fatigue. Working long hours and fighting the body clock at night is widely recognised as high risk. Operators and drivers who ‘do the right thing’ by managing those risks through accreditation schemes will have a greater say in when they can work and rest.

Under no circumstances will East West Express allow personnel to place their safety or the safety of others in jeopardy because of fatigue and related effects created from unsafe work practices.

Personnel should have access to personal and family time.

It is the intention of East West Express to ensure that this Company and our personnel adopt and implement proper fatigue management procedures and practices.

Rest is critical. Without it, the risk of an accident increases.


East West Express is committed to the transport and handling of palletised, bulk and loose freight for our clients in the safest way possible to ensure safety for loaders, receivers, dispatchers, contracted transporters, drivers, warehouse personnel and the general public.

To achieve this objective, East West Express complies with all Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation and regulations. Under the Chain of Responsibility and the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), everyone in the supply chain must take ‘reasonable steps’ to prevent driver fatigue and ensure a driver does not drive a heavy vehicle while impaired by fatigue – an approach also consistent with existing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws.

All staff directly handling freight at warehouses and/or those co-ordinating drivers and vehicles are educated to enable them to understand, participate in and maintain the East West Express Chain of Responsibility system effectively.

East West Express operates under the Basic Fatigue Management Hours Scheme to ensure driver health and well-being whilst meeting the requirements of our customers in a safe and responsible manner.

Under the CoR Fatigue Management legislation, all parties in the chain are responsible to ensure that there are no breaches in driving hours and drivers are well rested and fit for work.

East West Express neither expects nor condones working in an unsafe manner or working outside legal regulated driving hours to meet time-lines.


East West Express is accredited in the Mass, Maintenance and Basic Fatigue Management Modules of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme.  

East West Express also holds accreditation in the Maintenance, Fatigue, Dimension & Load Restraint, and Mass Modules of the Western Australia Heavy Vehicle Accreditation.  

East West Express operates a fleet of WorkSafe Victoria Dangerous Goods accredited, vented trailers for the purpose of carrying bulk and packaged dangerous goods.

For further information about the services East West Express can provide for your business and associated costs for transport, please contact Nathan Godfrey via the Contact page.