7 Tips For Choosing The Right Freight Company

Choosing The Right Freight CompanyIn this fast-moving world, the commercial and industrial companies are becoming highly reliant on the supply chain and logistics system, i.e. the transport companies in Melbourne.

East West Express Freight is one such nationally recognised supplier of premium transport and logistics service in Melbourne that understands how important it is for the companies to find a right freight company.

We specialise in transporting general freight, crated and un-crated machinery, car transport and bulk dangerous goods transport. From past many years, we have been working with many manufacturing and industrial companies.

We have often heard people asking this question: “How to choose the right freight company?” or “What to look for in a freight company?”

We understand few businesses are completely dependent on transport and freight services. Their two main concerns are:

  • Delayed shipment or not receiving goods on expected time
  • Risk of damage to the goods

Hence, it is the responsibility of your freight company to ensure safe and timely delivery of goods. Like we are a nationally recognised supplier of premium transport and logistics services. We ensure all our goods are transported safely and on time.

Essential Tips to Consider for Choosing Your Freight Company

When it comes to freight forwarding, choosing the right freight company can help your business succeed. A transport company that provides you with up-to-the-minute status information on your freight will give you a peace of mind that your cargo is being shipped safely and will reach on time.

Here are 7 essential tips you should consider before choosing a freight company:

 1. Be Certain Of Your Shipping Requirements

This is the first step when you are shortlisting freight companies. You need to define what are your needs and what volume you plan to ship before. This basic information is crucial for your freight forwarder selection as well as for the companies to judge if they have the bandwidth to carry out the job for you.

 2Know The Restrictions

Do you want to transport dangerous goods or un-crated machinery? You should know not all transport companies in Melbourne take responsibility of such goods. Like we at East West Express Freight specialise in the east-west transportation of general freight (palletised and loose), crated and un-crated machinery, Car transport, specialised double drop high cube trailers express service packaged and bulk dangerous goods.

3. Fleet & Experience

Resources run a business. Check if the freight company has the necessary staff support and equipment for handling your cargo. The most important thing to check would be the fleet of trailers. You can check how many years of experience they have in the transport business and how many trailers they run.

4. Permit Status

Interstate transport comes with a lot of restrictions. Ask the freight company if their trailers and drivers have a nation-wide permit. Also, how they handle risk or any unforeseen events. It is important that the transport company monitors and maintains the performance of both their drivers and their trailers.

5. The bandwidth of Freight Company

While you are surveying the transport companies in Melbourne, you should check do they have the bandwidth to take regular or multiple orders. It is always recommended to stick to one freight company for smoother procedures and shorter turnaround time. You can check how much staff and trailers they have for their daily operations.

6. Communication Preferences

In the freight business, communication is extremely important. You should know where your shipment is and by when it will be delivered. Check with your freight company if they offer live tracking status. Like on our website, we offer you a web tracking facility. You can know the status of your consignment by entering your consignment number. You need to also check how responsive they are and what are their business hours.

7. Accreditations & Network

If a freight company is associated with a relevant network or have a reputed accreditation, you can be assured of a professional and quality service.  You can look for NHVAS and WAHVA Fatigue, Mass and Maintenance Accredited companies.

To sum up, research is the key to finding the best transport companies in Melbourne. You can read the reviews or even ask other businesses for their recommendations for best transport companies in Melbourne. You can check with the trade associations for reviews and analyse the freight forwarder companies’ track records.

We operate a modern fleet of trailers in B-Double and B-Triple combinations and Volvo FH16 Globetrotter Prime Movers. If you are looking for transport companies in Melbourne, you can definitely trust us with your requirements. We specialise in the east-west corridor of Australia and we transport all kinds of general to crated and un-crated machinery and even dangerous goods. You can book a pickup with us through this online form or call us on 1300 644 397 and discuss your freight requirements.

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