Transport Companies Adelaide

Exceptional Transport Company in Adelaide

Are you looking for an efficient and a trustworthy transport company in Adelaide? East West Express is your ultimate choice for transporting goods, industrial machinery and vehicles. With over 15 years of experience in this industry, we are committed to providing satisfactory and safe transportation in Adelaide.

East West Express is the nationally renowned freight and logistics transport service provider in Adelaide. We transport all kinds of freights from palletised and loose or from packaged to bulk goods within and outside Adelaide.

Safe & Reliable Transportation Service

  • General freight

From a single parcel to heavy goods, we have the right fleet to safely meet your freight transportation requirements. We are the premier transportation and logistics company offering largest freight volume capacity transportation using the drop-deck and double-drop mezzanine tautliner trailers.

  • Dangerous goods

Whether you need to transport fuel, chemicals, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, explosive or corrosive substances, we provide efficient handling and storage of dangerous goods. From start to finish you can rely on us for packing, labelling, customs clearance, documentation and transportation of all dangerous goods.

  • Automotive freight

A proactive and quick automotive freight transport provider is essential in order to avoid quality failure of automotive goods. We, at East West Express, are responsible for offering quality transportation of automotive freight in Adelaide.

  • Created and un-crated machinery

Being one of the best transport companies in Adelaide, we are committed to providing you fast and trouble-free transportation of crated and un-crated machinery.

  • Car Transport

If you are looking for the efficient car transport service in Adelaide, then East West Express is a definite choice for you. Our well-organised drivers and serviced trailers assure a secure and smooth transport for your cars.

What Sets Us Apart?

The security of your goods is our paramount importance. Utilising satellite-tracked technique on all our well-maintained fleet of movers and trailers, we monitor driver performance and safety of your goods.

We are one of the most affordable and efficient transport companies in Adelaide when it comes to delivering goods and machinery. Contact us at 1300 644 397 and be ensured that you will get all transporting services under safety regulations.