Transportation Of Dangerous Goods

Being a reputed and a reliable transport company, we understand how sensitive it could be to transport dangerous goods.

Transportation of dangerous goods requires a trained staff, specialized equipment, and specific safety instructions. Following the safety systems and guidelines are extremely important to avoid any mishaps.

East West Express takes every single precaution when it comes to transporting dangerous goods from one place to another.

Nation-Wide Dangerous Goods Transport

We transport all kinds of dangerous goods within Australia. Be it radioactive substances or flammable liquids, we handle them with great care and protection.

East West Express assures a safe and secure movement of dangerous goods, in every state of Australia.

Risk-Free Transportation of Dangerous Goods

It is a huge responsibility when it comes moving dangerous goods. As a responsible transport company, we take ownership for the safety of goods, safety of the society, and safety of our staff.

Handling and storage of dangerous goods are done under the supervision of our specialists.

Warehouse for Dangerous Goods

We also offer warehousing facilities for dangerous goods. We provide a safe facility where the dangerous goods are stored according to categories and class. We ensure that we follow all safety regulations by Australian Government.

More than Transportation

We handle the transportation of dangerous goods from start to end. Apart from transportation, we provide storage, packaging, labeling, customs clearance, documentation, etc. for dangerous goods.

What do we move?

We have the authority and ability to transport most of the dangerous goods, like fuel, chemicals, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, explosives, corrosive substances, etc.

Get in touch with your requirements for transportation of dangerous goods and we will work out the best freight solution for you.