How the Cheapest Freight Provider Can Turn Out to be Costly?

Cheapest Freight Services Provider
Every business wants to increase their profits and thus they try to keep the costs under control. There’s nothing wrong in that unless you start compromising quality to reduce costs.

The demand for the competitively priced goods is always high. As a result, controlling the operational costs and overheads is very important for all Australian businesses.

To remain competitive, many freight service providers claim to provide the cheapest freight service in Australia. But beware! Don’t get carried away by a low price tag.

Cheap is not always the best. You need to look for the most reliable and long-term freight service provider with best trust signals like payment gateways, reviews, testimonials, satisfied customers, upfront price quotes, etc.

Moreover, choosing a cheap freight provider can turn out to be costlier. Let’s take a look, how:

#1 Compromise on Safety

When you hire the cheapest road freight company to take care of your logistics, you are unconsciously compromising on the safety of your goods. If a company is able to provide you with cheap freight service it means that they are actually eradicating something valuable from their offerings – safety.

This can lead to serious consequences like losing a large shipment or not complying with safety standards. These results are never worthy of the short-term savings you might make. So, hiring a cheap freight company is never advisable.

You as a business owner need to understand that the cheap freight companies have to make the profit somewhere, which means that they might be cutting down their costs. Also, a professional and reliable freight company will regularly invest in training their crew. This might not be the case with the cheap freight company. To save money, they’ll cut corners and will fail to ensure that their drivers and staff strictly adhere to the safety standards.

The initial cost might seem to be tempting, but the reality is that the cheap freight service is never cheap.

#2 Damaged Inventory

When you are hiring a freight company, you need to ensure that your inventory is in safe hands. Taking good care of inventory demands time and money, which a cheap freight provider fails to provide.

Moreover, the workers need to undergo rigorous training to ensure that they can handle, manage and protect your valuable inventory. A reputed freight company can guarantee this level of skill, care and attention. Besides this, they also invest in monitoring, tracking delivering and storing your inventory. While on the other hand, a cheap freight company can hardly bear the labour expense in that price.

When you choose the cheapest road freight company you also invite problems like missing stock, damaged and expired inventory as a result of low standard transportation and warehousing services. Short of appropriate training and loading equipment can put your goods at risk.

Moreover, freight company without a wider network will take the help of third-party providers. This amplifies the risk of your freight being misplaced.

#3 Lack of Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the main priority for all successful businesses. To retain the reputation of your business, it important to get your goods delivered on time, without causing any damage. But, when you choose the cheapest freight company, the first thing that is often compromised is the customer service.

If a freight company has limited resources, they may hold your freight order until their fleet is fully booked. As a business owner, you will not be pleased with this clause.

So, better look for a freight provider who offers:

  • Highly skilled and trained staff that are best in their job and are equally compassionate to handle customer’s queries.
  • An extensive fleet of meticulously maintained vehicles that are fast, safe and in good working order.
  • An established reliable delivery network to communicate with alliances and get every job done properly.

A reputed freight and logistics company cares about meeting and exceeding your expectations in terms of support and delivery. Paying a little more for a better service will surely benefit your business in the long run.

How to Differentiate Between a Reliable and Cheap Freight Company?

Reliable Freight Company Cheap Freight Company
Well-known and recommended Hardly known brand with negative reviews
Latest fleet and state-of-the-art equipment No advanced technology
Fully insured Not insured
Provides instant price quote Hidden or surprise costs
Fair pricing with value-added service Cheapest rates with unreliable services
Courteous and trained staff Amateur staff
Goods tracking facility No tracking available


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